A remote advertising campaign about authentic people and relevant banking solutions


In times of social distancing, people have figured out not only how to work from home, but also how to live together from a distance: they run marathons with their friends, play board games and drink on video calls, learn how to cook from live streaming shows and Face Time with their loved ones.

When people redefine their social life, ING Home’Bank is the easiest tool that supports this new normality with many features: bill payments for them or their families, PrePay SIM recharge, money transfer to a friend, using just the phone number, online shopping and other banking transactions. They can do them all, without leaving the house.

The TVCs were made with real people, very active from home and always ready to lift everybody`s spirit: the actress Ilona Brezoianu and her father, Mr. Relu, the climbers Mihnea Prundeanu and Vlad Căpușan, the marathonist and coach at 321sport, Radu Restivan and the artist Andrei Reg.

Besides these TVCs, the campaign also took place on radio, Spotify and social media. For the last one, we teamed up with some nice influencers.