Earth Hour Moonlight Stories



Every year, the Earth Hour movement engages millions of people to take part in the grassroots movement. Those who join it, turn off the lights for one hour and show their commitment to protecting nature. But in 2020, Earth Hour hit different. Because you couldn’t just switch off the lights and go outside for a walk. The COVID-19 outbreak had made this impossible.

While living their indoor lives on Earth Hour, ING Bank wanted to bring closer to people the nature at its best, with the help of Instagram Stories.

And we’ve started asking ourselves: how to convince people to join the movement in the middle of a global pandemic? During the lockdown, having electricity was crucial; because every activity has been moved inside the house: binge-watching, online gaming, online sports classes, online video-calls. Each one of them was based on energy consumption.

Earth Hour Moonlight Stories is made up of a series of nature landscapes and sounds at night, which you can enjoy only if you switch off the lights or any other device, in order to be in a complete darkened envirnoment.

This way, we’ve managed to bring nature on their phones, at home, while „forcing” them to turn off the lights so that they can enjoy the stories.