Invitation you can not refuse

Lay’s wanted to own three indoor consumption moments for chips: watching football matches, movies/TV shows and throwing a party. So we started the conversation with the ones who forgot how to be spontaneous, being busy all the time, needing to plan in advance, postponing over and over again either because they’re tired or they have work to do. For them we created an invitation they cannot refuse: Lay’s Invitation made by our brand ambassadors: Puya & Cabral.

We launched a website where you could choose the occasion you want to invite your friends for: #footballLays, #partyLays, #TVLays.

Depending on the occasion, the brand ambassadors invited you a in a fun, personalized way: #footballLays - with the help of a bunch of football supporters, singing the invitation just the way you encourage your favorite football team.

2016 – 3RD Place for "Best use of video" – WEBSTOCK AWARDS