This is VEKA, not just a thermopane! Learn the difference.


VEKA, the only profile German supplier company present in Romania, that offers exclusively top-quality profiles of class A, had a hard time differentiating itself in a category mainly led by the price criteria and overflown by a large quantity of class B & C cheap windows known as “thermopane”.

VEKA needed to make people aware of the differences a profile of class A brings to the discussion, so our strategy focused on a fully digital approach, as this was the first realm where people looked for information regarding window solutions. Also, the winning combination needed to include tailored video content series, tools for engagement in social media and amplification gestures to keep people on their toes for the next episode. In order to make people get the idea that VEKA is #notathermopane, we created this funny saga of a guy who, for 50 years (the Veka guarantee), has to convince others that Veka in not a thermopane. He gets triggered into super funny comparisons each and every time someone tells him his windows are thermopanes. In order to keep viewers’ interest, we also had branded Easter Eggs in each episode. The activation engaged millions of people in social media.