For parents whose children have cancer, life is unbearable. Things get even more draining for parents who live a long distance from the hospital – they become practically welded to the chair by their child’s hospital bedside with no alternative to rest, wash or take care of themselves.

The campaign's idea came from that uncomfortable hospital chair. As an empathy gesture we placed a hospital chair behind a window, in an art gallery, and invited people to come and keep the chair occupied until there will be raised enough donations. Hundreds of people applied online and soon they had enough volunteers – 1,821 – to fill the chair 24/7 until April 2018.

The project was launched on November 3rd 2017 and within 20 days, and with the help of 636 sitters, MagicHOME reached their goal. Together we raised €309,000 and recruited 115,000 monthly donors.