Powerful and Soft


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Pufina, a mainstream brand of toilet paper, had its first communication campaign and positioning done by Jazz in 2017, with outstanding results (top 3 in the market, after Zewa and Effie awarded). It was time to continue our hot streak and accentuate two very important brand attributes: the high quality of the paper and its very smooth feeling, in a brand new campaign in 2019. Our approach was to dig for relevant insights in the category and use media that would manage to bring the most awareness to our brand, in order to further increase our sales.

Pu-Fina. Pu stands for „powerful” („puternic” in Romanian) and „fina” stands for softness. Just like the relationship between a dad and his daughter. So, we took this insight and played with it together with the perfect endorsers: CRBL, a well-known Romanian singer, loved by kids and parents alike & his daughter.