The TrillING Trinkets


Spring has sprung in Romania, and for the men of the country that means one thing. Present-buying pressure. Every year on March 1st, tradition demands that they give the women in their life a Martisoare, or small trinket, to symbolize the changing of the season. Women will wear these for at least a week, if not the whole month. And just a few days later on March 8th, they have to do it all again, giving small gifts, flowers and chocolate.

These Martisoare are the inspiration behind a delightful social activation for ING Bank. Instead of physical gifts, people have been encouraged to share ‘Trilling Trinkets’ (or MartiSOR Incantator in Romanian), which are little animated films of native birds with a sweet bird song.

Across the world, the idea of cutting back on consumption and finding alternative, non-physical gifts has gathered steam as people become more aware of the severity of plastics in the ocean and the climate crisis. The idea of sharing bird song taps right into that.

We wanted to convey that in this first week of March is more about joy, nature and serenity and that spending money is not necessarily implied.  (source: