Your birthday rewrites the story!


Logo 250x250 px-01Logo 250x250 px-01 is a platform that brings together many NGOs from different areas including health, environment, education, arts and crafts and society. If you become a fundraiser for one of the causes on Galantom, you can donate your birthday/name day and ask your friends to say Happy Birthday to you by donating to your cause, instead of giving gifts. 

Thinking about what Jazz could do, the team realised that everyone lives every single day of the year in a Hieronymus Bosch picture, with lots of bad things happening in every one of its corners: domestic violence, inappropriate health system, poor education infrastructure, illegal wood cuts and so on.

Everyone's daily picture is ultimately the same, even on birthdays. The best day of the year for some is still the worst day for many. A birthday joy can also bring joy to others in the overall picture if friends donate. Instead of gifts, your friends can donate for your cause and rewrite the story in a corner of the painting.

On the website, people can travel into the big daily picture to see how many things happen every day, but also find a search bar where they can enter their birthday dates. 

The search generates 10 bad news from 2019 that occurred on that day. If people donate their birthday, one of the news stories is rewritten in a positive way and sent to them the moment they create their fundraising page.

When isolation and Covid-19 hit the world, realised that such a project is more relevant than ever, especially the situations in the Bosch’s daily painting which have become even more ardent: from domestic violence to illegal tree cuts or health problems. People have united more than ever to help their doctors, society, country and the project just gave them another tool to do that. 

A tool and a message that works and does good from two perspectives: it does good to the cause people choose and it feels good to do good for all the people who celebrate their anniversary by giving it a meaning, especially these days when partying with friends is no longer possible.